Our business

Earth Capital Partners LLP is a company specializing in advising on investments that deliver a commercial risk adjusted return and address the challenges of Sustainable Development such as climate change, food, energy and water security.

Investment ECP is an investment manager focussed towards sustainable technology venture and growth capital, renewable energy infrastructure; and sustainable timberland.

Sustainable Development - ‘meeting the needs of today without jeopardising the ability of future generations to meet their needs’ – is at the heart of the ECP investment model. We report to our investors on sustainable development through our own reporting tool - the Earth DividendTM - an annual reported measure of the contribution investments make to sustainable development.

Our Group - ECP is part of a global group of specialist investment managers each with differing regional and sector focus, but with a common focus on sustainability. For some investments, we use the resources of our broader group where they are better placed to source and manage those investments.