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UNPRI benchmark

The UNPRI ‘Report on progress’ survey has been designed by PRI to evaluate the PRI’s progress, by analysis of the progress of signatories against the six UNPRI principles and their Responsible Investment ‘Governance, Policy and Strategy’.  For those signatories that choose to publish their responses (ECP’s can be viewed below as a PDF document and is also available on the UNPRI website), it is a tool to disclose responsible investment activities.

In addition to mapping the progress of the whole Initiative and providing a reporting/transparency tool, the survey is designed to provide a methodology for assessing the efforts of individual signatories. The diagram opposite summarises the results set out in ECP’s 2011 UNPRI feedback report, and presents ECP’s results against ECP’s peer investment managers.

ECP’s aggregate performance across all elements of the benchmark is Upper Quartile, when compared to 345 investment managers included in the benchmark.

The diagram identifies how ECP has been scored for each of the six UNPRI principles and for ECP’s Responsible Investment ‘Governance, Policy and Strategy’. ECP scored a maximum 100% for 5 of the 6 principles and for the Governance, Policy & Strategy benchmark.  ECP scored 71%  for the final principle, (Principle 6), all significantly higher scores than the investment manager benchmark median score.  ECP has several actions in place to strengthen performance against Principe 6.

Scores have been calculated based on signatories’ self-assessment and using the scoring methodology approved by the PRI Assessment Group. Although a limited verification exercise was undertaken with a proportion of signatories, responses have not been independently audited by the PRI Secretariat, PRI Assessment Group, or any other third party. Individual results including comparisons to the overall results (quartiles) are indicative and do not imply an endorsement of signatory activity. While this information is believed to be reliable, no representations or warranties are made as to the accuracy of information presented, and no responsibility or liability can be accepted for any error, omission or inaccuracy in this information.

Earth Capital Partners 2011 'UNPRI Report on Progress'

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