Sustainability Council

To formalise consultation and input from external stakeholder groups, ECP has established a stakeholder advisory board, the Sustainability Council.  The Sustainability Council, which has six external members and formally meets two to three times a year, provides challenge and feedback to ECP on its:

  • Sustainable Development Policy;
  • Sustainable Development Investment Guidelines;
  • Sustainable Development Due Diligence process; and
  • Earth DividendTM methodology, reporting and assurance processes and annual Earth DividendTM performance

The Sustainability Council's input brings external stakeholder perspectives to ECP’s approach to Sustainable Development and its annual review of the Sustainable Development impact of the Fund's investments, measured through the Earth DividendTM.

The Council has provided detailed feedback on the ECP Sustainable Development Policy, Investment Guidelines and Earth DividendTM.  All feedback has been incorporated into the documentation and related procedures.

Note: Member participation in the Council is voluntary and independent but it has no legal status.  The Sustainability Council takes no part in the decision making process relating to advice on the acquisition, holding or disposal of Fund Investments.

A full copy of the Sustainability Council Terms of Reference, including short biographies of the current members, is available below.